Chapter 11
Illustration by Nina Miller


People confronting the destructive effects of climate change in their own corners of the world – from biogeochemists to retirees and children in rural India – support one another through Million Eyes, an experimental network that connects people virtually at critical moments when they need inspiration and support.

Vandana Singh is a science fiction author and assistant professor of physics at Framingham State College. Her short stories, which most recently include “Peripateia” (2013), “Cry of the Kharchal” (2013), “With Fate Conspire” (2013), and “A Handful of Rice” (2012), frequently appear in Year’s Best and other anthologies. She also writes poetry as well as novels and short stories for children.
  • Response to “Entanglement”

    Written by Christian Etter
    Founder, Etter Studio (Zurich)

    To understand these new complexities, we need a new human consciousness. To understand that our actions have consequences, even though they are disconnected in time and space. This is also what we try to address in our work whenever we have the opportunity.

  • Biomimicry and Eco-Friendly 3-D Printing

    The reason why I say biomimicry is a movement rather than solely a new technological trend is that it appears to be informed by an ethos that seems to me at least to have a basis in ethics — that we learn from nature, and refrain from exploiting nature.

    Vandana Singh
    SF Writer and Assistant Professor of Physics
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  • Methane Burps in the Arctic and Climate Change

    I’ve been following the rather ominous reports in the last few years of methane bubbling up from the Arctic ocean floor as the ocean warms.

    Vandana Singh
    SF Writer and Assistant Professor of Physics
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