Chapter 12
Illustration by Haylee Bolinger

Elephant Angels

A herd of elephants marches quietly through the African savanna. Drones piloted remotely by Elephant Angels scattered across the globe buzz quietly overhead. A group of poachers attacks, killing one of the elephants, and a global network of activists coordinate to track the smuggled ivory during its transnational voyage and bring the criminals to justice.

Brenda Cooper is a science fiction author, futurist, and technology professional. She is the chief information officer for the city of Kirkland, Washington, and a member of the Futurist Board for the Lifeboat Foundation. Brenda is the author of seven novels, including The Silver Ship and the Sea, which won the Endeavor Award in 2008.
  • Protecting Protected Land

    There are many places in the world that governments, NGOs, or a combination have protected. Many people and organizations are working for more preserved lands. So imagine a future where some large amount of land – maybe 25% is protected.

    Brenda Cooper
    Writer, Futurist, and Chief Information Officer for the City of Kirkland
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