Author: Kathryn Cramer

  • Enough With Dystopias: It’s Time For Sci-Fi Writers To Start Imagining Better Futures

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  • Kathryn Cramer at Google: Why Hieroglyph is a Verb

    I’d like to thank Google for having us here today; and Neal Stephenson, Ed Finn, and Jennifer Brehl, for the chance to collaborate on the anthology Hieroglyph: Stories & Visions for a Better Future. And thank you all for joining us for the first event of our Hieroglyph Roadshow. In July of 2011, Neal asked me…

  • HIEROGLYPH: Stories & Visions for a Better Future Comes out Today!


  • Benford & Cambias featured at Hard SF Weekend

    We are hosting a weekend-long hard sf micro-convention at our bookstore in Westport, NY including some discussions relevant to Project Hieroglyph. The program is below: Gregory Benford, James Cambias, Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell, Elizabeth Malartre At the Dragon Press Bookstore, 10 Champlain Avenue, Westport NY 12993, 518-962-2346 (exit 31 off the northway, go…

  • Farm Hack

    Though in some respects, this represents the opposite of the Hieroglyph approach, I want to mention Farm Hack and the associated young farmers movements as something exciting which is happening now. I am going to <a href="">Farm Hack Intervale/Essex</a> next weekend. I went to a related Greenhorns young farmer event last year and it was full of energetic, intelligent, inventive people. One guy I talked to there, Steve Blood, who has a company for making <a href="">human powered devices</a> also has significant venture capital for his <a href="">social media software project</a>. Finding the veins of inventive energy is as important as thinking big. UPDATE: My link formatting didn't work right. Here's another try: * Farm Hack: * Farm Hack Intervale/Essex: * Pedal Power Engineering: * Article about Kohort's VC: *