BBC: Fighting Society’s Dystopian Future

Hieroglyph got some great press from BBC News this week. Check out the full article here and the video below:

Ed Finn: “A good science fiction story can be very powerful. It can inspire hundreds, thousands, millions of people to rally around something that they want to do.”






One response to “BBC: Fighting Society’s Dystopian Future”

  1. Freeman Rader Avatar
    Freeman Rader

    What we do with the future depends as much upon a renaissance of human VALUES as it does upon SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. In other words, we need a 21st century philosophy that focuses on fully developing human potential (in constructive ways) and developing values and responsibilities for SELF, SOCIETY, & ENVIRONMENT. Such a philosophy called THE POTENTIALIST MOVEMENT provides this foundation. With it, science and technology can be most fully developed and directed toward a positive and constructive future. First things first.