Chapter 14
Illustration by Haylee Bolinger

Quantum Telepathy

What comes after wireless communication? Quantum telepathy…and look out, because it’s going to be weird. A Nashville-based counterculture artist navigates a future replete with “nurbs,” self-motivated creatures that replace everything from pets to modes of transportation, like an old Lincoln Continental powered by a giant slug. A socially awkward tech genius is secretly experimenting with “quantum wetware,” which allows nurbs to create telepathic links with their owners and creates creepily intimate psychic connections between people.

Rudy Rucker is a science fiction author, philosopher, mathematician, and one of the founders of the cyberpunk movement. He worked for twenty years as a computer science professor at San Jose State University and has published a number of software packages. His novels include Turing & Burroughs (2012), Jim and the Flims (2011), and Hylozoic (2009), as well as the Ware Tetralogy (1982–2000), a four-book cyberpunk series that won two Philip K. Dick awards.

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