Chapter 16
Illustration by Lauren Pedersen

The Day It All Ended

What if the same energy-wasting gadgets that are polluting our environment were secretly the key to saving the planet? Venture into the majestic headquarters of DiZi Corp., maker of over-engineered, seemingly useless products like the Car-Dingo, which “awesomeizes your ride.” Junior executive VP Bruce Grinnord’s crisis of conscience about the disastrous environmental impact of DiZi’s products sets off an unexpected sustainability revolution.

Charlie Jane Anders writes about science fiction for io9 and is the author of the novel Choir Boy (2005). She has contributed to Mother Jones, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, ZYZZYVA, Pindeldyboz, Strange Horizons, and many other publications. She is coeditor of the anthology She’s Such a Geek (2006) and published an indy magazine called other.

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