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Rob Witherspoon


Aerospace engineer, former school teacher, aspiring author. Husband, father, builder, hunter, biker.

Previous Works

Early Onset (work in progress): Tommy Roberts didn’t believe his father was old enough to have Alzheimer’s but when most of the town’s adult population begins to exhibit the same symptoms, he and his friends are faced with heartrending responsibilities. They can no longer content themselves with high school dreams and aspirations – there is work to be done, siblings and parents to care for, a community to protect and restore. When the media-dubbed “Geezer Flu” spreads across the globe pushing adults into early onset dementia, Tommy must fill the void left by death and dotage to save his town. It wouldn’t be easy without the modern technology he has taken for granted. Sexual predators, thieves and murderers among the survivors only make it tougher.


aerospace engineer

Story Ideas and Burning Questions

Apoptosis occurs in growing children and is responsible for ossification. It is also linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia.