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Natalia Pinzon Jimenez


influenced by indigenous science studies, I use the awareness of the inherent subjectivity of science in order to guide my research. Exploring the edges of climate influence on agricultural production and small holder farmers. Here we find people who have an strikingly advanced and sometimes eerie ability to predict their environments and adapt to harsh socioecological realities… cultures and knowledges that have been largely ignored by the most “cutting edge” investigators. Farming becomes a playing field where technology – science – religion- – and ecology meet.

main interests:A deep history of Climate-human relationship, our fascination or repulsion with the unknown, indigenous science and non-dual cosmovisions, the edges of societies and cultures

Previous Works

Rodale institute- USDA – Research on myco-plant symbiosis, soil microbiology

Lawrence Berkeley Lab – science writing on advanced electron microscopy

current- SOCLA – Agroecosystem resilience to climate change

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fierce independence