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    We already have the ability for anybody to easily and cheaply communicate with anybody willing to talk to them, anywhere, at any time. Pictures, even. That’s become intrusive. Telepathy where the sender didn’t control the traffic would be even more intrusive. That would lead to thought monitoring. Telepathy where the receiver didn’t control the…[Read more]

  • Google’s purchase of several advanced robotics companies is worrisome. Every few years, Google decides to “put more wood behind fewer arrows”, and kills off major projects. They bought Motorola and killed it off. They might do that to Boston Dynamics and Schaft.Those outfits are a long way from commercial profitability. All those smart people can…[Read more]

  • In the 1980s, Feigenbaum (a forgotten expert systems prof at Stanford) was talking about building a lunar base using robots by the year 2000. My comment was “How soon can you do it in Arizona?” He didn’t like that.  I have the same comment here: “How soon can you do it in Arizona?”

    We still can’t build a building entirely with robots. let alone…[Read more]

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