• Thanks!

    It was actually a pretty fun experiment, and it was pretty entertaining to put some new skills to different use.

    One later ‘after the fact’ observation, although I’ve decided to keep the whole ‘Fixing Bad Ideas’ thing going, I’ve already noticed that my general interest in writing better article type things spilled into the sort of thing…[Read more]

  • Ooh, you bring up some really good points!

    I think maybe it’ll be easier to do this if we split ‘creativity’ up a bit.

    Creativity: The Gathering

    This is all going to be pretty arbitrary, but I think it might help.  So I’m seeing this as the process by which we’re gathering the information (either by learning or experiment) that eventually gets…[Read more]

  • Will Holz replied to the topic becoming more human in the Conversation Inspiration 6 years, 9 months ago

    Trying to predict a future with at least (from 30 seconds off the cuff analysis) six distinct KNOWN unbound tipping points (probably WAY more) and an existing unstable system is bound to be a challenge.

    When you tie that to the fact that a lot of the sci-fi futures visualized that are driving these conversations were invented long ago without the…[Read more]

  • That was a great talk! Thanks much.

    So, one thing that I’d encountered before is that a lot of the best creative moments I deal with require a lot of context because they were work related and usually tie to problems that are hard to explain or appreciate.

    So around the time of my prior post I started chewing on that particular issue.

    I had a…[Read more]

  • Wow.  That’s a slippery target.  I think in some ways we’re guaranteed not to really succeed at this if we tackle it head on, but we can probably at least get a good view of things by bounding the box some.

    I generally look at it like lots of creative things are happening all the time and occasionally some of them get noticed.   People are al…[Read more]

  • Oh man, we kind of totally missed search engines, didn’t we?

    Almost all of the sci-fi futures I can think of (tutors or not) still involved a big focus on what people can learn/memorize rather than learning how to access readily available information that’s not stored in some heavily structured format.

    There may be an example somewhere, but I’m…[Read more]

  • This is turning into a fun conversation!  You guys are kind of awesome.

    Oh!  One thing that comes to mind that a friend pointed out a while back it was more about disruptive ideas and how often they’re obvious in retrospect, but thinking on it I think that is very much a reflection of a creative leap.

  • Oops!  Sorry I missed your reply to this, Annette (I bet this forum would be a lot faster if they had notify on by default)

    Also, I think you’re hitting subtly on something in that creativity has an amazingly broad definition and it’s easy to have a conversation about it where people start with completely different interpretations.  🙂

    I tend t…[Read more]

  • I honestly think by far the biggest key to any climate engineering scenario is how you engineer the people.

    We get the best results when people are are choosing lives that have less negative impact on the climate and they’re rewarded in ways that’s in sync with their personal motivations for doing so.  Then we should fall back as many lure-type…[Read more]

  • Absolutely.

    I have to mentor people all the time where I work (there is no learning curve, you just drink from the firehose and hope to digest enough to be useful), and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a number of people really blossom once they’re encouraged to think creatively.

    In my experience, the most powerful factor interfering with…[Read more]

  • I’d agree, but argue that a creative or imaginative person could easily interpret the words either way.  (Speaking for myself and most of the voices.)

    So best to be clear with your context or make doubly sure to communicate well, unless in a creativity-free, entropy-free, motionless frictionless sphere 😉

  • Will Holz replied to the topic 3D Printing in the Conversation Big Ideas 6 years, 11 months ago

    3D printers are delightful toys, aren’t they?

    I’m actually less enamored of them as a basic utility than a lot are (I’m a huge proponent of a current-tech wearable holodeck because it would eliminate the need for most disposable goods, and is also awesome)

    But for custom parts and making awesome add-ons for a six year old’s prosthetic arm,…[Read more]

  • Will Holz replied to the topic 3D Printing in the Conversation Big Ideas 6 years, 11 months ago

    Oh man, for a prosthetic it really depends on who you are, doesn’t it?  That’s part of what makes the potential so awesome.

    Of course, for almost everyone I bet you’d want a bit of storage (I was thinking batman-compartments when I typed this, but a little 2.5″ hard drive could be nifty too!), and where better?  I think you could have fun with e…[Read more]

  • Will Holz replied to the topic 3D Printing in the Conversation Big Ideas 6 years, 12 months ago

    I love that the ‘3-D printing prosthetics’ idea is really getting some headway.  I work on the data analytic side of our state’s medicaid system (and various other state and county support systems) and the cost issue is reason alone to have me wondering if we could set something up there.

    I’ve got a slightly more ambitious dream on the p…[Read more]

  • Will Holz posted a new activity comment 7 years ago

    Will do!

    Out of curiosity are there any groups that are working on this as a full-time-job of sorts?

    I mean, I have a job, but I’m too small to get a solution in play (though I DO have one that nobody’s come close to breaking yet and actually works in the world as it is now (the co-opernation thing… http://www.abiggishidea.com). It’s a little…[Read more]

  • Well, I personally think we wouldn’t see much of a transition to ‘full virtual’, at least not until people feel really safe.

    My greater observation is that while there are a couple of sci-fi creations that cover a lot of the actual capabilities of a wearable holodeck as I’m describing it (I read a good example in an Alastair Reynolds book a week…[Read more]

  • There’s a lot of sci-fi with some sort of robo-teacher feature,but I’d argue that while those are potentially clever and liberating it’s easy to come up with the same concept while trying to replicate our typical assembly-line education in a people-limited environment.

    I HAVE seen quite a few stories that touch upon different sorts of societal…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I’d envisioned depending more on augmenting reality (lots of practical solutions in there) but the more I let things percolate I see lots more uses for the more immersive rigs (other than sheer fun, of course).

    What’s also fun is trying to imagine it (either the sheer unobtrusive glasses+haptics or the full simulated realities) in the…[Read more]

  • Ahh, that’s actually pretty cool!  I was thinking maybe something with a gimbal but my mental image would have made it hard for people to interact and it’d be more of a thing you had in a room at home.

    You know, actually, the more I think about it the more I figure I’d gravitate towards a few different ‘rigs’ depending on my mood, convenience,…[Read more]

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