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Joey Eschrich


Joey Eschrich is the editor and program manager for Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination. He earned a master’s degree in Gender Studies in 2011 and a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies in 2008, both from ASU.

Previous Works

A few publications:

“Behold the Man!” Constructing the Masculinity of Jesus of Nazareth in Mainstream American Film. Men & Masculinities 14.5 (2011).

Review: As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising. Music, Sound and the Moving Image 5.1 (2011).

Review: Making Music Videos: Everything You Need to Know from the Best in the Business. Music, Sound and the Moving Image 3.1 (2009).


Best known for

Being “mission control” for the Center for Science and the Imagination!

When I was doing research and teaching at ASU, my focus was how American pop culture both supports and undermines political struggles related to gender, race and social class.


Editor and Program Manager, Arizona State University

Story Ideas and Burning Questions

How can we use technology to increase civic engagement and help people participate more fully in the democratic process?