Biographical information


John Fogarty


BA in physics; MS in Civil Engineering with emphasis on structures; prototype structures engineer at the Boeing Company since 1986.

Previous Works

No fiction (except for stories written for two daughters). Numerous technical publications, most at conferences, but a few in international journals. Some of the ones in journals: “Crippling of Titanium Matrix Composite Stiffeners”, “Adhesive Joints for Thermoplastic Submarines”, and “Honeycomb Core and the Myths of Moisture Ingression.”


No personal website

Best known for

I am not a famous person, but among my peers I’m known for expertise in analysis of laminated composite structures, sandwich structures, adhesive joints, and moisture diffusion through laminated structures.


Structural Engineer

Story Ideas and Burning Questions

I have no story ideas and no plans to become a writer. My pie-in-the-sky ambition would be to be part of a team creating a mission to the Jovian moon, Europa. Short of that, a 15 km high tower (the topic which lead me to this site) seems like a pretty cool project as well.