Biographical information


Bob Beard


Bob is the Hieroglyph community manager and public engagement strategist at ASU Center for Science and the Imagination.

Bob is a Marine Corps veteran and double alumnus of Arizona State University with a master’s degree in Communication Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Humanities. His research interests focus on performance, identity and authenticity in fandoms and communities of practice.

Previous Works

ASU New College Applied Project – Master of Arts, Communications Studies 2014:
Walking The Walk: The PBS Nerd Walk as a Site for Alternative Performances of Nerd Identity in a Geek Chic Society

Featured Speaker:
TEDxPhoenix Change 2013: Making Nerd Culture Open Source

Associate Producer:
Arizona PBS Veterans Advancement Project

PBS Communications Advisory Committee

Story Ideas and Burning Questions

Currently I ‘m interested in the technological singularity and the discussions for and against the development of advanced AI.