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This is the place to learn about the features of Hieroglyph and get support for technical problems.

Progress updates on site development


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    Nina Miller

    Hello! My name is Nina, I have been working on the guts and skin of this site since October. In the last few days there are lots of changes in content that have been in the works, and more will be coming. I wanted to have  a thread were I can report out what is new, what I am working on and what is on the horizon. It takes a community to build a virtual collaborative space, so feel free to share your thoughts and wish list features.

    I have made content available for logged in users that may be beneficial, such as a front page starters guide, invitation forms in the right hand sidebar and descriptions of the forums. Much of the content from “Hieroglyph Alpha” is here, but there are still at least 2 more collections of discussions to import: Moonshot Ecosystem and Inspiration. The replies to topics are imported and assigned to the original author’s account and given an approximate date stamp. The content of the posts will need to have some HTML clean up, so apologies to any of you that see your previous posts wonked up.

    Here is what I am working on over the next week:

    • A guide to the site explaining what and why things are
    • Screencast tutorials for basic and more advanced functions of the site
    • Bringing on an assistant for managing the site
    • Compiling a comprehensive bug list of all known issues that will be addressed in the future

    We have some outside help from for

    • Styling of profile and adding features
    • Changes in the home page slider
    • Added information architecture features

    My hope is to keep anyone interested in/frustrated by the functions of the site informed and empowered, so feel free to ask questions or share thoughts. It has really been great to read the forums as I have brought them into the databases, I am very excited to make this a useful space for the work that we are doing. Thanks and have a great weekend!


    Kathryn Cramer

    Great! Thanks. I’ll take a look.

    Jeremy Lichtman

    Not sure if this is intentional, but comments on posts seem to be closing after a very short period of time (looks like roughly a day). Its an easy config option in WordPress if you wish to change it.

    I also seem to be having trouble posting. There should be (minimally) an error message if something goes wrong during a post, or if a user’s permissions are insufficient.

    Alan Kellogg

    When will (working) forums be installed? (Can’t post new topics.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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