Keaghan in the Tales of Dreamside: The Dreamside Omnibus (Books 1 through 5)

There is world of adventure just a dream away. Collecting Books I through V of the Tales of Dreamside Series There is more to your home than what you’ve seen. There is a place you have never stepped foot in. Your home has an outside, an inside, and a side you didn’t know existed: Dreamside. If you have a very healthy dose of curiosity and courage, you might be able to find it. In fact, on an afternoon not too many days ago, a young boy named Keaghan discovered the way in. This is the story of Keaghan and his adventures in Dreamside, a strange world of twisting hallways, a labyrinth just beyond the walls (and through and between) of every home. Keaghan must journey to the Heart of Dream, over the Sea of Teeth, through the dark and deadly Blether House, into the House of No, through Overside and Underside, and more wonderful and frightening places in a race to to stop the invading Cra-gin and their horde of ravaging Tomsi. Can Keaghan save his home, his Dreamside, and all of reality? Can Keaghan unlock the mystery that is the Boy at the End and prevent the destruction of the Tree of Dream? And can Keaghan do all this when every one of his friends have fallen in the Dream War and left him alone?