Enter Avariz

Enter Avariz is an allegory of the parasitic culture of modern capitalism, told in a tumbling arcade-inspired narrative. Witness as the delightfully bouncy Boy Ugly and the other resilient residents of Zak Meadow are sold out, co-opted, harvested, test marketed, junk mailed, genetically modified, prepackaged, networked, off-gassed, discounted, and branded in the pursuit of profit by the relentless Agents of Capitalism.

Author, artist, designer
Marc Ngui was born in Georgetown, Guyana and grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He studied design, architecture, and cultural history at the University of Waterloo. Marc has been making zines and indie comics since 1989, and shares a contemporary art practice called “Happy Sleepy" with Magda Wojtyra. He is currently working on a serial drawing project based on the book A Thousand Plateaus by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Learn more about Marc and his work at bumblenut.com.