Author: Joel Garreau

  • Launching a 20 kilometer high blimp

    Launching a 20 kilometer high blimp

    Turns out there is an existing market for a long-term platform 20 kilometers up (like Neal Stephenson’s Tall Tower), according to The New York Times. And it may attract NASA money. The idea is to make commercial a really really high-flying blimp. “Stratospheric airships could give us spacelike conditions from a spacelike platform, but without…

  • Response to “Covenant”

    What I love about Hieroglyph and about the Center for Science and the Imagination is that I totally believe that you can’t have better futures without better dreams. With Hieroglyph, the idea is not that we’re utopians; it’s that we’re thoughtful about how things might go right. And that’s incredibly important.