Cory Doctorow and the Clarion Write-a-Thon

Hieroglyph author Cory Doctorow has recently announced his participation in the 2013 Clarion Write-a-Thon. This annual fundraiser collects donations for the Clarion Writers’ Workshop, a celebrated non-profit institution that has long served as a boot camp for aspiring writers of fantasy and science fiction.

831635_2e4699b7de_z Over the course of forty days, Doctorow will be working on a short story called “The Man Who Sold the Moon.” He describes his latest literary endeavor as being  “about Burning Man alums who land a 3D printer on the moon that sinters regolith together over the course of a generation to build a habitat for their grandchildren to inhabit.”

Check out Cory’s profile on the Write-a-Thon, become a sponsor and keep an eye on the evolution of this lunar tale!

‘Dusty Man’ Photo Credit to Laughlin Elkind via Flickr