Featured Contributor: Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling is a science fiction author, journalist, globetrotter, professor of Internet studies, design fiction maven and Visionary in Residence at Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination.

Bruce was one of the chief instigators of the cyberpunk subgenre, and continues to be its most eloquent spokesperson. His book The Difference Engine, written with William Gibson, was critical in the evolution and cultural prominence of steampunk. He has written influential works of nonfiction about material culture and commodity production, futurism and hacker subcultures. Bruce delivers an epic state-of-the-planet rant to close each year’s SXSW Interactive conference, challenging the tech industry and everyone else to do a better job imagining and building our future.

Bruce Sterling

Bruce travels the globe launching movements, coining neologisms and disrupting settled ideas about design, reality, and our shared future. You can follow his misadventures with design, storytelling and technology at his Wired blog Beyond the Beyond and observe how he uses Tumblr to create new forms of digital mischief.

During his residency at ASU, Bruce used lasers to carve what he calls “twenty-teens petroglyphs” into Arizona desert rock. The results are on display at his rock Tumblr.

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